Country Membership

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Membership is an important requirement for availing the various facilities extended by ISC through its own programme or those programmes channelized from International Organizations and other agencies.

There are three types of Membership in ISC;

  1. Country Membership
  2. Collective Associate Membership
  3. Individual Associate Membership

Country Membership

The Governments of the countries can become Member Countries of ISC by agreeing to its Convention of 1957 and signing the Instrument of Accession.  The country membership is an agreement between the Government of the countries to work together for the common goal of developing sericulture in their respective countries through mutual trust, camaraderie, and collective wisdom.

Each member country can nominate upto 5 delegates in the Chief Governing Council of the ISC; i.e., the Conference.  The leader of the delegates shall be designated as National Delegate.  The National Delegates constitute the Executive Committee, which recommends the proposal of the Secretary General to the Conference.  The delegates can vote in the decision making process, with one vote for each delegate.  The Conference is the supreme governing council of the ISC.  In short, the delegates nominated by the Government of the respective Member countries would take part in the functioning of ISC.

The Member Countries pay an Annual Membership Fee to the ISC.  This fee is calculated based on a scientific formula, wherein raw silk production, population, GNP, and inflation are taken as major factors.  Since these factors varies among the countries, the Membership Fee is calculated and provided based on the requests received from the Government of the respective countries.

For enrolling as a Member Country, please visit “JOIN AS A MEMBER"