Global Meetings

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ISC is the only international organization dealing with sericulture and silk industry.  The Commission organizes various global meetings for the benefit of the stakeholders of sericulture and silk industry.  The details of these meetings are given below:

1. ISC Congress

The ISC Congress, which is a triennial event, is the only international forum committed exclusively for the sericulture and silk industry that provides access to progress made in sericulture science and technology, current knowledge of the field, and the prevailing global business environment for silk.

It offers an exclusive opportunity for international scientists, universities, faculty & students of Institutions of research in mulberry and non-mulberry silkworms, host-plants, post-cocoon technology, bio-technology, sericulture management & economies, post-yarn sectors, silk trade, processing, promotion, marketing, etc., including those in silk and silk related businesses to interact, share and exchange the most recent advancements in their fields.

Presentation of a large number of scientific papers, apart from several poster presentations covering the entire range of sericulture and silk production activities, is expected to lead up to the formation and dissemination of current and new scientific and adaptive knowledge in the field of sericulture, including honing up the base-line skills as well as core competencies of the participants.

A global assembly of this standing also envisages generating usable trade information, and promoting mercantile and economic relations amongst silk producing countries.

In effect, the Proceedings of the Congresses would bring together in a single, free, open, equitable access-resource, the collective knowledge and erudition of the international sericulture and silk community, displayed in the presence of an insightful global audience, which can be usefully translated into strategic tools for the advancement of sericulture and silk sectors in respective countries.

1.1. ISC Congresses held in the past

Congress Venue Year
I Goritez, Italy 1870
II Udine, Italy 1871
III Roveredo, Moësa, Switzerland 1872
IV Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France 1874
V Milano, Italy 1876
VI Paris, France 1878
VII Ales, France 1948
VIII Ales, France 1955
IX Maurcie, Madrid, Barcelona, Spain 1960
X Beyruth, Lebanon 1965
XI Murcie, Madrid, Spain 1967
XII Versailles, Paris 1970
XIII Barcelona, Spain 1973
XIV Bangalore, India 1984
XV Pattaya, Thailand 1987
XVI Bandung, Indonesia 1995
XVII Londrina, Parana, Brazil 1997
XVIII Cairo, Egypt 1999
XIX Bangkok, Thailand 2002
XX Bangalore, India 2005
XXI Athens, Greece (For proceedings; click on to 2008

Chiang Mai, Thailand (Write to ISC for scientific proceedings)

XXIII Bangalore, India (Write to ISC for scientific proceedings) 2014
XXIV Bangkok, Thailand (Write to ISC for scientific proceedings) 2016
XXV Tsukuba, Japan (For proceedings; click on to 2019

Cluj Napoca, Romania (For proceedings; click on to

(For Final Report; click on to


The XXVI ISC Congress is scheduled to be held at Cluj Napoca, Romania during 2022. 

1.2. Structure of the Congress

The Congress consists of 8 permanent Sessions on different topics related to Sericulture and Silk Industry.  Each Session is headed by a Chairperson nominated by the Member Countries and approved by the 'Conference'.  The Chairperson takes the responsibility of slecting the papers, organizing the session during the ISC Congress and finalize the sessional outcome. The details of the Sessions at present are given below:

Section Chairperson Theme

Dr. Hiroaki Yamanouchi
Institute of Crop Science,
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization,
Tsukuba, JAPAN

All aspects and areas concerning Mulberry
Bombyx mori

Mr. Daniel Severus Dezmirean, PhD,
Professor- Apiculture and Sericulture Unit
Faculty of Animal Sciences and Biotechnology,
University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj Napoca, 3-5, Mănăştur, 400372 Cluj Napoca, ROMANIA
Tel:  00 40 264 596 384
Fax: 00 40-264 593 792  

Rearing, feeding, pathology, and breeding aspects of Bombyx mori (mulberry silkworm)
Non-mulberry silkworms

The Director,
Central Tasar Research and Training Institute, Central Silk Board,  
Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India,
Piska Nagri, RANCHI - 835 303
Phone:  00 91 9470303568
Fax     : 00 91 651 2775629


Rearing, feeding, pathology, breeding, host-plants
Bacology of silkworms

Dr. Keiko Kadono-OKUDA,
Insect Genome Research Unit
National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences,
1-2, Owashi, Tsukuba,
305-8634 JAPAN
Tel: 00 81-29-838-6120
Fax: 00 81-29-838-6121


Silkworm as a biological model, genetics, physiology, biochemistry, genetic-engineering, molecular biology, developmental biology, and genomics
Post-cocoon Technology 

Ms. Siriporn Boonchoo,
Director General,
The Queen Sirikit Department of Sericulture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives 2175 Lad Yao, Chatuchak
Bangkok 10900 
Tel: 00 66 2 55879246
E-mail :

Reeling, cocoon preservation, silk quality, gradation, weaving, product diversification and by-product utilization

Head, National Sericulture Development Centre of Iran,
Resalat street, Rasht City 416356–1538
Guilan Province, IRAN
Tel:00 98133822171


Domestic and international markets, prices, trading, economic analysis of projects, situation and statistics in different silk producing countries etc.,

Sericulture in non textile industries and new applications

Dr Yasushi TAMADA
Shinshu University ,
3-1-1 Asahi, Matsumoto, Nagano, Perfecture,
Perfecture / JAPAN
Tel - Fax: 00 81 29 838 6164
E-mail :

The silkworms and mulberries for medicals, pharmaceuticals, food, biotechnology, biomaterials.
Silk processing, trading and marketing

Dr. Subhas V Naik,
Director, Central Silk Technological Research Institute, Central Silk Board,
CSB Complex,Madiwala,
Bangalore -560068. INDIA
Phone: 00 91 80 26262699
Fax:00 91 80 26680435

All the activities in silk processing, import, export, silk consumption, global demand, marketing and promotion.

1.3. Papers’ Presentation

There would be oral presentations of select contributions in each of the 8 Sessions.

1.4. Poster Presentations

Special time-slots would be allotted for parallel / exclusive Poster Presentations of select manuscripts on all days of the Congress, as pertinent to each Session.

1.5. Selection Process for Contributions

Each Session of the Congress which is presided by the Chairperson would select the contributions based on merit, contemporaneous issue selection, contextual appropriateness, equitable distribution of contributions to various Themes of different Sessions, country-wise parity, and the time-slots available, etc.  The Chairperson of the Session would also demarcate the contributions for Oral or Poster presentations.

2. Organizational Meetings

Executive Committee Meeting of ISC held at Cluj-Napoca, Romania, on 7th September, 2022

26th International Congress on Sericulture and Silk Industry held at Cluj Napoca, Romania during 7-11 September, 2022.

The Commission organizes Internatioanl Congress once in three year. The 26th Internatioanl Congress of ISC on Sericulture and Silk Industry was held at Cluj-Napoca, Romania during 7-11 September, 2022. 

3. Representation of ISC in International Meetings

ISC hosted the 6th Asia Pacific Congress of Sericulture and Insect Bio-technology (APSERI) at Mysore, India during 2-4 March 2019

ISC represented in 9th BACSA International Conference on Sericulture held at Batumi, Georgia during 8th and 9th April, 2019.

The Secretary General participates in various events related to Sericulture and Silk Industry in the World.  The Secretary General is also invited for the Meetings of International Organizations like FAO, ESCAP, UNIDO, ILO, World Bank, IFAD, UNDP, WTO, BACSA, etc. for providing advice on the issues related to sericulture and silk industry.