Individual Associate Membership

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Individuals from ISC Member Countries and Non-Member Countries may also become members of the ISC by enrolling under the Individual Associate Membership. 
Membership Fee

US$ 50 per year for individuals from countries outside India and equivalent to Indian rupees for  individuals from India.


1)Receive the peer reviewed international journal on sericulture and silk industry; “Sericologia”,

2) Participate in the scientific and technical meetings of ISC,

3) Nominate/enroll as volunteer under the “Volunteer Expert Programme” of ISC,

4)Source funds from International funding agencies by routing the project proposals through ISC besides availing technical support for the preparation of Projects,

5)Access literature on sericulture science preserved in ISC HQs,

6) Eligible to apply for award "Excellence in Sericulture Scieence (ESS)" in four categories,

7)Access silk statistics and other information related to sericulture and silk industry, and

8)Connect with Countries, R&D institutions, Companies and other agencies related to sericulture science and silk industry through ISC.

For enrolling as an Associate Member, please visit “JOIN AS A MEMBER"