Organizational Structure

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ISC is governed by an International Convention which was opened for signature from 1st July 1957 to 31st December 1957.  The convention text later accepted as the Statute of ISC leading to its institution in 1960.

Click here to view the full Statute of ISC

The organizational structure of ISC comprises of three organs namely;

The Conference    
  The Executive Committee  
    The Secretariat General



Conference is the supreme Governing Council body of ISC. The Conference comprises delegates nominated by the Governments of the Member Countries. Each Member Country can nominate up to five delegates. The Conference receives and debates the reports submitted by the Executive Committee and approves the reccomendations for implementation by the Secretariat General. The Conference meets atleast every three years.  If needed, the major decisions are taken on the absolute majority of the country delegates present, with each of them allowed one vote. The Conference conducts election of Secretariat General, amend ISC Statutes, initiate important policy actions, etc.


Executive Committee

Executive Committee is composed of the heads of delegation of each of the Member Countries, also known as National Delegates. The Executive Committee examine the achievements of the works carried out by the Secretariat General in line with the objectives and decisions of the Conference. The Executive Committee meets atleast once in a year.  It gives opinion upon the proposed agenda of the Conference prepared by the Secretariat General.  If needed, Executive Committee may arrive decisions on the absolute majority of its members.


Secretariat General

Secretary General is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. The Secretary General is elected by the Conference and shall be a nominee of the Government of the Member Countries.  The Secretary General functions on incubency basis. The Secretary General plan and implement the objectives of ISC and decisions of the Executive Committee and the Conference.



The Secretary General and other staff appointed/deployed with the knowledge of EC/Conference comprises the Secretariat. Secretary General with the approval of ISC Conference appoints suitable number of staff for the day-to-today functioning of the Office and for providing technical support on the development of sericulture and silk industry.  The service providers required for the Office shall also be engaged by following the prescribed procedures.



The various activities related to the quarterly publication of the scientific journal of silkworms, Sericologia has been outsourced to Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles. The CSB has deployed a Scientist to work as the Editor of the Sericologia.  The activities of Sericologia is guided by an Editorial Board drawing eminent scientists across the globe.