Exposure visit to Thai Silk Industry 20-29 May 2023

Training on Sericulture and Silk Industry at CSR&TI, Mysore during 3rd to 30th September 2023

Executive Committee meeting of ISC at Thailand on 21 May 2023

Plenary Session of 26th ISC Congress, Cluj Napoca, Romania

26th ISC Congress held at Cluj-Napoca, Romania during 7-11 September 2022

Meeting with Mr.-Mosaad Abdou, Egypt on 6 February 2023

Louis Pasteur and ESS Awardees 2022

EC meeting held at Romania on 7 September 2022

Release of Book on Chronicles of Silk

Training on Post Cocoon Technology at CSTRI Bangalore during 8 January to 4 February 2023

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The Executive Committee (EC) meeting of International Sericultural Commission (ISC) for the year 2022 was held at Pattaya, Thailand on 21 May 2023 . The EC has approved the budget for the 2022 and also the plan of activities. Apart from the procedural approvals, the EC appreciated the effort of ISC for bringing out the book "The Chronicles of Silk".

ISC and International Silk Union, China have constituted a Working Group for developing global sustainability standards for silk. As part of this, the LCA study on silk would be undertaken in the important silk producing and consuming countries which would be later aggregated appropriately to derive the global silk standard.

Based on the invitation of Black Caspian Sea and Central Asia Sericulture Association (BACSA), an ISC delegation comprising Mr. R.R. Okhandiar, Secretary General and Mr. Dileep Kumar R, Programme Coordinator attended the 9th International Congress of Black Caspian Sea and Central Asia Sericulture Association (BACSA) held at Batumi, Georgia during 8th and 9th April 2019.

A four weeks training on “Sericulture and Silk Industry” was held at Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute, Mysore during 3-30 September, 2023. The training was fully sponsored under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) programme of Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India. 28 officials from 13 countries participated in the training.

Ms. Clara hardy, France visited the sericulture areas and facilities in Mysore and Bangalore during 11-14 August 2023. A meeting was conducted with the officers of CSB and ISC to discuss about possible collaborations.

Silk Products

Silk has been intermingled with the life and culture of many civilizations in the world.  The silk garments are among the living examples of the excellent craftsmanship of the weavers.

Message from Secretary General

Mr. P. Sivakumar
"It is my pleasure to inform all of you that I have assumed the charge of Secretary General of International Sericultural Commission.....


Louis Pasteur & ESS Award

Louis Paseture Award
To have achived something very significant n sericulture in one's country or internationally.


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